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Ride/Demo Waivers

If you are coming riding with us, demoing a bike, or taking something out for a test ride we are going to need to get you to sign a waiver.  Please find the relevant waiver below and sign that. Waivers will need to be signed before attending any group ride or event and will be checked pre ride.

Group of road riders

Road Bike Waiver

If you are renting a road or city bike from us from us then this the waiver for you to sign!

Mountain biker riding across a log bridge

MTB Waiver

If you are renting a mountain bike from us then make sure this is signed before you shred!

Group of women cyclists

Group Ride Waiver

Sign me if you are attending a Titty Tuesday ride or any other Velorution group ride!

Trek Demo Truck

Demo Bike Waiver

If you are taking a sweet ride away to demo then please sign the waiver here!