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WTB Trailblazer

WTB Trailblazer
This item is currently not available.


Small enough to sneak its way into existing 29" frames yet voluptuous enough to provide the supple bounce fat tires are famous for, WTB's plus-size model splits the middle in a sneaky, 2.8-width 27.5" size. The Trailblazer uses a fast centerline for drag-free speed and square side blocks to hang onto off camber trail and steeps. All around winner? We think so. Available only in a TCS tubeless option to properly benefit from enhanced volume.

- Usage: Bikepacking / 29" Conversion / Summer Fatbiking / XC / Trail
- Conditions: Dry to Damp / Sand to Loam
- TCS Light/Fast Rolling: 980g, Dual DNA compound