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A liquid spray-on training wax that can be used alone or as an underlayer for racing waxes. CH08XL is an extremely versatile wax on both sides of the freezing point with exceptional feedback from racing. It performs in older snow below freezing, new falling snow above freezing and everything in between. Basically a must-have in conditions you will meet often.
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A liquid spray-on training and racing wax that can be used alone, or as base for other racing waxes. HS performs at its best when typical winter conditions below the freezing point. Can handle various snow conditions and is not humidity sensitive. A safe choice that rarely underperform within its core area of use. Available In The Following Temperature Ranges: HS7 Violet (-2°C/-8°C) HS8 Red (-4°C/+4°C)
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The HS series are great gliders for training and competition with very good glide properties. Available in the following temperature ranges: HS5 Turquoise (-10°C/-18°C) HS6 Blue (-6°C/-12°C) HS7 Violet (-2°C/-8°C) HS8 Red (-4°C/+4°C) HS10 Yellow (0°C/+10°C)
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New fallen snow 0°C (32°F). Old fine grained snow -1°C to -3°C (30°F to 27°F). For many years a secret weapon in the wax-box of World Cup Servicemen. To be used when the snow is in a stage going from cold to wet, around freezing (32°F). The V-Line of hard kick-waxes is made for racing and recreational skiing. Their quality is very high due to fully refined petroleum waxes, synthetic rubbers and pharmaceutical quality oils.
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