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Following the tried and tested tire-hugging design of our MTB Mudhuggers, the GravelHugger is designed to fit most fork + wheel + tire (up to 50mm wide) combos. To reduce single-use plastic waste, and make fitting and removing easier, the GravelHugger is supplied with nitrile O-rings (70mm sizes for flat blade type and 50mm for traditional round steel forks). Zip ties (sold separately) can be utilized if you'd prefer to fit and leave them on at all times. - Suitable for 700c (Max tire width 42mm) and 650b wheels (Max tire width 50mm), depending on wheel/tire/fork combination - Designed and made in the UK from 100% recycled polypropylene - Includes Helitape and nitrile O-rings - Length: 490mm - Width: 60mm - Weight: 75g
Following the tried and tested rear Mudhugger design, will fit most bike frame seat stays and is designed for tires up to 50mm wide. The Rear GravelHugger is designed to be attached to the bike with zip ties as these afford the most secure way to fitting. However, it can also be attached utilizing hook and loop straps (sold separately), making removing and refitting easier. - Suitable for 700c and 650b wheels, Max tire width 50mm (depending on wheel/tire combination) - Designed and made in the UK from 100% recycled polypropylene - Includes Helitape and zip-ties - Length: 560mm - Width: 55mm - Weight: 200g
Building on the award-winning, tried and tested Rear Mudhugger design, the new MK2 fender has added 3 significant improvements: 1. Now attaches with reusable velcro straps to make fitting and removing a matter of seconds 2. Where the fender 'sits' on the seatstays we have incorporated rubber inserts which aid grip and improves damping 3. A new push fit BB extension piece, to protect the BB area from debris build up. This has been designed to be as thin as possible so that it can be easily trimmed to suit most bike rear triangle designs The MEDIUM version is designed for bikes with a seatstay angle from 34 degrees down to 27 degrees. Can be fitted to 'most' bikes with disc brakes, even with external cables and hoses. - 690mm long x 105mm wide Comes supplied with: - x2 helitape sheets - x4 velcro straps - x2 rubber damping strips - x1 BB extension (230mm long x 80mm wide) - Designed and made in the UK from recycled polypropylene - 280g (w/o fittings)
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