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Introducing Yeti Cycles

In 1985 mountain biking was in in infancy and at the heart was Yeti, producing no frills bikes for core riders.
Before mountain biking was even considered an industry, racers became the backbone of our product development efforts. Soon their factory was outpacing the biggest companies with cutting edge race-specific designs. The knowledge gained from R&D testing on the track led to invaluable knowledge in materials, frame geometry and suspension designs.

Over the years Yeti developed one of the most widely recognized race teams in mountain bike history and has become known for fielding such greats as Juli Furtado, John Tomac, Jimmy Deaton, Miles Rockwell and Missy Giove to name a few. Numerous World and National Championship titles followed and those names have gone on to become legends of the sport.

As the mountain bike industry flourished during the late 90’s, sponsorship dollars increased in tow. Soon manufacturers were fielding large roster of racers to promote their latest designs. Yeti is no exception as the racing talent was split between Schwinn and their painted-over Yeti models. This time was seen by many as the golden age of racing, and many felt the sport was going to become mainstream.

We are super stoked to have Yeti in the store, be sure to come and check out their line up today with various models on display!

Browse Available Yeti Bikes Here: