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COVID-19 Operating Procedures

UPDATE June 1st 2022

Staff in general will no longer be wearing masks in-store, there will be some staff members who will choose to continue to wear their masks so please respect them and continue to observe social distancing.

We are happy to continue to work with our customers in any way that keeps you comfortable, if you would prefer the staff member you are working with to wear a mask please do ask and staff members will have masks on hand to wear.

However you would like to shop with us we look forwards to welcoming you to the store and helping out with all your needs.

UPDATE March 15th 2022

With the provincial mask mandate due to end on March 21st, 2022, we would like to update you on how we will be proceeding.

It is our desire that all customers feel safe and comfortable, therefore staff will continue to wear masks in store. This will be reassessed on a weekly basis as we consider how is best to proceed for all our customers.

We will not be enforcing the wearing of masks in the store, but continued wearing of masks would be appreciated and recommended to ensure our staff and other visitors remain comfortable while in store.

If you are not comfortable visiting the store at this time please call us on 705-253-9388 with any questions, browse our full inventory on our website, or reach out to us via email ( and on social media.

We will also be happy to work outside with those that would prefer that and would be happy to bring product and payment methods outside so that purchases can be completed.

During the global pandemic, we are open for business, but we’re taking extra precautions to keep our community safe.

We are limiting access to the store to six members of the public at a time. 

Please plan your visit; if we're fitting your whole family for skis then of course we need to see you all, but if you are just collecting a couple of quick items it is safer for everyone if only one member of the family visits the store.

If you are tight on time or the whole family needs to visit then you are welcome to call ahead at 705-253-9388 and we can make an appointment.

Both staff and customers will wear face coverings while indoors and at the door while being served. Hand sanitizer will be available at the door, please use on arrival and regularly thereafter.

 Digital payment methods are encouraged. We have a wireless terminal to serve you in the store or curbside.

Employees and customers will respect 2 meters social distancing.

Contact us with questions about COVID-19 procedures.